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Spanish Speaking Lawyer Near Me - William Zimmerman
William Zimmerman Canoga Park, CA
Workers Compensation, Personal Injury, Social Security
4 months licensed
(818) 888-8888
El abogado William Zimmerman recibió su licenciatura de la Universidad Estatal de California en Northridge y su doctorado en Derecho de la Facultad de Derecho de San Fernando, ahora Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de La Verne. Está admitido para ejercer en el Estado de California y en la Corte de Apelaciones del Noveno Circuito de los Estados Unidos. Además, está admitido en el Tribunal de Distrito de California en las Divisiones Central y Sur. El Sr. Zimmerman es miembro del Colegio de Abogados de California y de la Organización Nacional de Representantes de la Seguridad Social.
Hispanic Lawyer Near Me - Martin Fontes
Martin Fontes Santa Ana, CA
Immigration Law, Workers Compensation
4 months licensed
(714) 316-0596
Fontes Law Group, PC, based in Southern California, specializes in immigration, family law, workers' compensation, and criminal law. Highlighting justice, equality, and trust, they offer honest, exceptional legal services, with a notable emphasis on serving the Spanish-speaking community through fluent Spanish-speaking attorneys. With locations in Santa Ana and Riverside, the firm is dedicated to personalized client service, focusing on uniting families, navigating divorce, aiding injured workers, and defending clients' immigration statuses in criminal cases. Led by Martin C. Fontes, the firm's focused expertise ensures clients receive knowledgeable and effective legal representation.
Latino Lawyers Near Me - Sidney Sohn
Sidney Sohn Los Angeles, CA
Personal Injury
5 months licensed
(213) 383-2332
Sidney Sohn is a Shareholder/Partner at Venerable, where his current practice primarily focuses on commercial litigation, class actions, unfair competition, individual tort claims, construction defects, EB-5 immigration consulting and appellate practice. With a diverse legal background, and having prosecuted numerous actions for individuals as well as multi-million dollar corporations, Mr. Sohn currently represents a wide array of clients in his practice at Venerable. In early 2014, Mr. Sohn was elected co-chair of the Asian Business Association, allowing him to play a more active role in the organization. In addition to maintaining Venerable’s vision in providing high-quality services for our clients, Mr. Sohn continues to support various community groups in an effort to give back to the people we serve. Rated by Super Lawyers as: Southern California Rising Stars 2011 Southern California Rising Stars 2010 Southern California Rising Stars 2009 While up to five percent of the lawyers in the state are named to Super Lawyers, no more than 2.5 percent are named to the Rising Stars list. Additional Experience Served as a lead counsel for multimillion dollar breach of contract claim against national publication Served as a lead counsel for class action lawsuit for misappropriation and violation of regulationclaim against the largest retailers and corporations Represented high ranking executives from multinational corporations for obtaining immigrant statusand/or non-immigrant visa Served as an judicial extern for the Hon. Dikran Tevrizian, United District Court, Central Districtof California Admitted to practice in all State Courts in California and before the Federal District Court for theCentral District 

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