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Raymond Ejarque

Attorney Raymond Ejarque has served the Hispanic community on Washington State for over 27 years by providing aggressive and experienced representatio

  • Criminal, DUI and DWI, Family, Personal Injury
  • Seattle, WA

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Lesley Irizarry-Hougan

Lesley Irizarry-Hougan, a Seattle immigration attorney, has been practicing law since July, 2005. She has significant experience in representing clien

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Danielle Muriel Doyle

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Maribel Martinez

l was born and raised in Michoacan, Mexico. I came to this country at age 19. With dedication, hard work, and the help of my family, I graduated from

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Arturo Menendez

Por los últimos 12 años, Arturo Menéndez ha representado a los que se le acusan de cargos criminales serios -- casos de abuso sexual, de violencia, ar

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What if I suspect child abuse of an infant?

I run a daycare in Seattle and I never had any concern that my daycare kids are being abused. Recently, I got a 9 month old enrolled by their parents who just moved to the area. The baby seems very sk

Can I require my fiancé to show me his finances for a prenup?

I’m engaged and my fiancé wants me to sign a prenuptial agreement. He says he’ll have his lawyer prepare it and all I need to do is sign. My concern is that I don’t know what