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Brian C. Hunt

  • Personal Injury
  • Charlotte, NC

Tanya M Powers

Powers Immigration Law se dedica a las prácticas de la ley de inmigración y naturalización de los Estados Unidos. Tanya representa a individuos y empr

  • Immigration Law
  • Charlotte, NC

Melissa Rosado

  • Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Labor and Employment
  • Cary, NC

Can you do an uncontested divorce if spouse is uncooperative?

I’ve been married for 5 years and we have no kids. My wife moved out 6 months ago and did not tell me where she moved to. I suspect she might be living in California with her family. I live here

What happens to a prenup if the marriage didn’t occur?

My former fiancé and I had a prenup drafted and we signed it. However, we broke up a few weeks before the wedding. The prenup said I would add my ex’s name to my house and he would have a